Master Modern Skills
With Projects

Imagine you can create something out of nothing.

Start solving problems

Get to know the steps entrepreneurs take to generate ideas and create solutions to problems.





Share and collaborate with ease

Learn to express your ideas and understand others.





Get smarter with technology in your pocket

Discover all you can do with your phone and computer.





Where ideas come to life

"I always wanted to do something on my own. Zeros opened a new world for me, really..."

Choose a project right away

Explore our popular projects.

Life Project

Discover what matters to you. Learn to use time and project management tools to plan your life.

Website Project

Make your ideas spread. Learn to use marketing language and simple Internet tools to create websites.

Story Project

Share your ideas with people. Learn to use storytelling and business language to present ideas clearly.

Community Project

Connect people. Learn to use marketing language and Internet tools to create a community for your cause.

Business Plan Project

Write with clarity. Learn to use business language to plan and communicate your business clearly.

Innovation Project

Be creative, yet strategic. Learn to use innovation and design language to turn your ideas to a product.


What is Zeros?

We are a project club set up to share modern skills with everyone.

What can I learn here?

Start a project with us to learn innovation, communication and technology.

What kind of project I will create?

You may create a personal website, a community around a cause, a startup that matches your vision, a nonprofit organisation that matches your values, and more.

What is a project?

Think about a project as a 3 week long class happening online. Each project is made of steps you will take to learn new skills.

Let's learn modern skills for life

I set up Zeros as a space where everyone can learn modern skills. It matters because when you know how to create something out of nothing, you own your life.